Down Spouts

A leader head is a devised used in roof plumbing to capture storm water runoff from the rain guttering of a building. While, generally speaking, such a device is known as either a leader head or a conductor head within the fields of Architecture, Building Design and Construction, it may be known s a rain head by manufactures in some regions of the World. The English call them Hoppers.

Also used as a decorative piece to break the plain lines of downspouts. Leader heads are commonly made from sheet metal (aluminum, steel, stainless steel & copper) in varying shapes and sizes which is open at the top and has one or more outlets to which storm water pipes (downspouts) are attached. Where they are used to collect water from a scupper they may be known as Conductor head.

We have a large selection of decorative leader heads designs available. You can chose one of our available copper or aluminum casting designs or you can design your own. We’re sure that we have just the right leader head for your gutter system.

Copper Castings for Leader heads


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